Our Facilities

Our production unit follows high standard norms for production to meet the predefined result. This is how our company is certified for ISO 9001:2008 standard quality certifications. It boasts state-of-the-art machinery with a capacity of 5 metric ton per day.

Furthermore, We have all necessary testing facilities for Ropes, PEMF Yarn, PPMF Yarn & Twine products. Ropes are normally checked for breaking load, linear density, length of lay, diameter, 1000 cyclic load level etc. To check breaking load we have 1 ton capacity as well as 50 ton capacity tensile tester on which we can carry out destructive tests. Since ropes are checked for linear density, diameter and length of lay under tension, we have necessary tensioning device. These entire tests are done as per Indian as well as EN ISO or other equivalent standard. 1000 Cyclic load level test for 8-Strand ropes can be carried out on our 50 ton capacity tensile tester as per OCIMF Guidelines 2000. Our tensile stress testers are computerized to get load Vs elongation graphs. All our 8-Strand Mooring ropes which are used in shipping are tested in our laboratory. For checking PEMF & PPMF products, we have 50 kg capacity tensile stress tester with all computerized facilities.

This is how we are able to produce high quality product.


Infrastructure facility is lifeblood for any industry to produce quality products and to survive into the market. Our company, Shree Royal Polyplast Industries, is well equipped with modern technology and very strong building infrastructure which is most suitable for manufacturing as well as storing final products into huge quantity. We are using latest technology into production machinery which can produce high quality product with long sustainable strength.